Avoid Making These Common 5 Mistakes While Training Your Bulldog

Training mistakes with bulldogs


Pitbulls were originally bred from bulldogs and terriers and trained to fight. With time, these bulldogs have become favorite house pets and valued for its loyalty, obedience and friendliness with children. However, training a bulldog is something that pet owners cannot ignore. If left untrained pitbulls can become disobedient and aggressive and a difficult pet to handle.

Therefore, it is up to the pet owners to ensure that their bulldog gets the necessary training and attention they deserve. There are some cardinal mistakes that pet owners should try to avoid:

Scolding your Bulldog when it comes to you

Dogs learn how to behave from the feedback they get from their owners. Therefore, calling your bulldog to scold it for something done a few hours or minutes earlier will do more harm than good. This feedback discourages the dog from responding to your call the next time. It is better to call your dog to praise it for good behavior show affection towards it

If you want to reprimand your bulldog for bad behavior, wait until it does something that you do not want repeated and then scold it so that it understands that the behavior is unacceptable.

Not sticking to routine

Dogs learn by doing the same things over and over again at a particular time each day. Therefore, disrupting this routine means erasing all the good training earlier. This is especially essential if you want your bulldog to be potty-trained. Make sure you set times for potty training and take your dog out in the morning and after meals on a regular basis.

Over-training your bulldog

Pitbulls are just like children in the sense that they have shorter attention spans. Over-training these bulldogs will only make them lose interest in the training and make it a chore. Rather than prolonging the training sessions, pet owners should train their bulldog for shorter but more frequent periods so that they find it fun rather than a boring task.

Encouraging your bulldog to behave badly

If you do not want your pitbull to ask for food when you are eating or jump on you, then you should never encourage that behavior. Bulldogs tend to remember this encouragement and might repeat it repeatedly. Your bulldog should be able to understand that a no means no so that it does not repeat that behavior.

Not enforcing the rules

Training your bulldog can be boring for both the owner as well as their pets. Pet owners have to be patient throughout this process and make sure that they enforce the rules properly. It is also advisable to use positive enforcement to apply these rules and not resort to harsher modes of punishment. Training exercises should be carried out on a regular basis and a source of enjoyment for the bulldog and pet owner. This is the perfect time when the owners can spend quality time with their pups and at the same time train them perfectly.

Trained pitbulls or bulldogs become a wonderful companion. Pet owners have to keep in mind that this may take time and persistence and pet owners have to give their love ad utmost care to their bulldog if they want to develop a bond with it. The complete pitbull training Guide is the best way to get the most out of the training in a short time.

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