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Pitbull training can be tough but with the right type and time of effort put into it can make your dog your best companion. There are several reasons why training pitbulls is so important. These include:

  • Avoid housebreaking – pitbull puppies have a weak bladder and have to be trained to hold initially. Training usually involves taking the puppies outside regularly so that a routine can be set. It is important to take your pup out for a walk especially after your pup has finished feeding or through with its nap.
  • Increase socialization skills- Pitbulls are a feared breed and unless your dog is trained well, many people will be hesitant about coming to your home or letting your dog in their home. Therefore, experts suggest training sessions, which involve socializing with other humans as well as animals.
  • Control aggressive behavior – Pitbulls are an aggressive breed. Pitbull training involves teaching your pup about behavior that is unacceptable like jumping on guests, chasing other dogs in the area and so on.

There are several dos and don’ts about pitbull training that pet owners need to be careful about. Pitbull owners make a few cardinal mistakes due to which they are unable to train their puppies adequately.

Inconsistency Dogs learn by repetition. If you want to train your pitbull, you have to be consistent in your efforts. Training should be divided into short sessions (10 minutes or so) two or three times a day for it to be effective.

Impatience It is not possible to complete your pitbull training overnight. Experts recommend that pet owners start training their pups early on. With positive reinforcement and repetitive training sessions, your puppy is very likely to pick up the rules around the house and learn new tricks as well.

Sticking to one training method There are scores of books that teach pitbull training to new pet owners. One method may not work for all pet owners. Therefore, it is necessary that pet owners try different methods depending on how your pet responds to it. Forcing the dog to respond makes the situation uncomfortable both for the animal as well as for the pet owner.

Forcing training on your puppy Training is the time when the pup and the owner get to spend maximum time together; pet owners should try to make pitbull training fun and enjoyable. Make it a positive exercise for your pup so that you both look forward to the time together. In addition, it is advisable to reward your dog with treats every time it responds well to the training sessions.

Pitbull training involves using positive reinforcements like praise or a treat when your pup responds well to your command. In addition, pet owners have to be careful not to call and punish your pup as it may stop responding to your calls completely. If you have kids at home, it is a good idea to get them involved in the pitbull training sessions so that the pup develops a bond with them as well.

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    I’m needing a white pit bulldog boy dog to be trained with me to be my guide dog can you please donate me a bully for me. If not how much will you charge me for one please. I’m looking forward to hearing from you please donate me a pit bulldog please.

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