How do you find a Vet for your pet?

Just like human beings, pets and other animals get sick or unwell and need medical attention, which is provided by animal specialists or veterinarians – who are usually referred to as vets. Picking the right vet or animal specialist can be a bit of a problem and you may find this procedure helpful:-

Step 1:
Get as muc information as possible about vets in your area; this can be done by asking people who have pets and have used the services of these vets. Ask your neighbours, friends and family or search for information from advertisements and other relevant sources such as the Internet. Using a search term such as –Vets in Chislehurst – if that is your local area, ought to give a good result. For a wider area search – animal care London – may help. Don’t rely on the recommendation ofjust one person as this may be misleading; assemble as much information as much as possible from as many sources as possible.

Step 2:
Take a look at the clinic; after the recommendations from the people that you contacted, it is essential to visit the surgery such as the one at Chislehurst Vets before any decision is made.During this visit ask as many questions as you can; the staff should be happy to answer all your questions.  This is a perfect time to ask for a tour of the centre which can be scheduled when convenient to all the parties that are involved.

Step 3:
Evaluation of the staff in the front office; the manner in which you are treated by the front office staff is very telling as this may tell you a lot about what you may expect in the future.  Were they friendly, were they patient, and were they helpful? If most of these questions receive a positive answer then it means that they are likely to be of assistance in the future.

Step 4:
Meet the veterinarian; this meeting is important as it will help in evaluating the vet and how he/she deals with your questions and concerns. Ask as many questions as possible until all the questions and concerns that you have about your pet are answered.
Is the vet taking time to address your questions and concerns? This will show how the vet will explain your pet’s condition in the future.

At this point you should be ready to make a decision.
Are you happy for this particular vet to treat and take and care of your pet? If so, get signed up and you can be confident that your pet will receive good care, should the need arise.

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