Treats for Dogs with Allergies

Smartdog Jerky’s New Venison, Lamb and Rabbit Jerky Treats Are Healthy and balanced Selections for Dogs Coping with Beef, Chicken and Grain Food Allergy symptoms


LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. – Far many k9s suffer from super food allergies. In reality, fruit allergy ranks as the 3rd a lot common lead to of allergic irritation and scratching in dogs, according to leading veterinary dermatologists.

Veterinary studies statement that the primary culprits that set off food allergies are beef, dairy products, turkey, corn, wheat and soy. Do these elements glimpse familiar? Which’s simply because these folks genre amongst the most common compounds discovered in industrial dog fruit and dog treats.

Building wise choices in which to feed your dog can go greatly in stopping super food allergies. For some dogs, giving them distinctive sources of complete protein is an effective solution option. Smartdog Jerky&industry; just unleashed healthy and balanced, novel protein treats: Real Rabbit Jerky Attaches, Real Lamb Jerky Attaches and Real Venison Jerky Attaches. Our Venison and Lamb are cost-free range, grass fed and free of steroids or medicines.  Our Rabbit Jerky is vegetarian fed and totally free of steroids and antibiotics. We use strictly the meat mussel and consists of no organs or bones. Naturally our jerky is wheat and grain cost-free as well.

“We enjoyed our k9s and hate to see them endure from fruit allergic reactions that cause pores and skin problems and discomfort stomachs – and elevated veterinary bills,” says Smartdog Jerky&industry; creator Heather Merritt. “Venison, lamb and rabbit are great, special complete protein sources. Our treats consist of these slim meats, drinking water and a dash of sea salt. You won’t locate any synthetic preservatives, fillers, antibiotics or various unsafe elements in these treats.”

Sport animal products introduced into a dog’s diet regime can aid in their recuperation from allergic reactions and deliver nutritional must for k9s, who are omnivores.

Smartdog Jerky&commerce; has a 2nd mission: to champion pet adoptions from shelters and rescue groups. Each and every tag of its lineup of product packs a photo of a rescued dog and his or her successful adoption story. The tales of Lucy, Bossman, Lefty, Tripper, Bailey and a lot more are also revealed on the website.

“We are very energetic in the pet neighborhood and we are honored to give these triumph tales of these second-chance k9s on our deal with labels,” claims Merritt. “Since March, we possess donated over 400 baggage of treats to local rescue, non-profit and pro-humane pet shelters and we strategy to perform so.”

The Real Rabbit Jerky Attaches and Real Venison Jerky Hangs up appear in 6-ounce packages and retail for $16.99 and $13.99 respectively. The finish line of Smardog Jerky&industry; treats are readily available at more than 160 retail store reserves countrywide or might be requested online immediately from the manufacturer.

About Smartdog Jerky&commerce; – Company founder Heather Merritt is committed to providing healthy treats and advocating pet adoptions. Smartdog Jerky’s series features human-grade, USDA certified meats using a dash drinking water of sea salt to provide healthy finds of protein in the form of high-premium jerky treats. Learn far more by going to


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