What to Expect of an Old Dog

Dogs are naturally blessed with vitality. They have endless supply of energy to go about its daily routine. This energy can be easily felt and seen even as dogs perform the most menial tasks. However, no matter how vital and strong your dog is, you will have to contend with reality, that your dog will reach its senior age way before you do.  Thus, you should be prepared for the inevitable that goes with aging. Age will certainly put a lot of changes on your dog, and along with it, you too are expected to change your approach and perspective about your dog.

You need to change your expectations coming from your dog. At its senior moments, do not expect it to act like the way it used to act. Do not ask it to perform tricks from the past. Do not remember the days when it used to sprint back and forth and get frustrated because it can no longer do it these days. Give your dog a break, and for once look at your dog with understanding eyes and consider its new limitations as it faces old age. Your dog must have been unquestionably loyal to you the rest of its life, now is the time to pay it back by providing it with care the way it deserves.

Just like human beings, dogs have to face certain realities that come with aging. For one, their energy becomes less apparent, and if ever it comes out once in a while it easily fizzles. Try to observe your senior dog, and you will certainly see just how careful it moves nowadays. The vitality of their muscles and bones is diminished greatly as old age comes. 

Diseases will also become a fixture on your senior dog’s remaining life. One of the common diseases it will contract is arthritis, which all the more slows it down. Aside from arthritis, there are several more diseases that could potentially hit your aging dog. That is why it is of utmost importance that your senior dog’s health will be properly monitored by your veterinarian.

You will also observe that as your dog gets old, a few parts of their fur go gray. This is a natural consequence just like with humans. This one isn’t risky; it has no downside other than the fact that it makes the aging of your dog a lot more obvious.

Expect also your dog to lose a huge part of its hearing ability. Its ears are not going to be as efficient or as effective as before. You should therefore make a few changes and arrangement so as to help your dog cope with its apparent deafness.

There are so many things that you ought to expect from an old dog, things that you ought to be prepared about. You are expected as well to do your part, to take good care of your dog as it faces few challenges in its senior stage. Have a little fun and dress up your old dog in style to spark up fun moment. Dog clothes and dog jersey are the best way to go. 

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