Statistic data about dog bites

What do you think? Did dog bites incease or decrease in the last years?

First we have to define what is a dog bite. Let’s consider a dog bite has happend when the persons skin gets  injured by a dogs tooth. It doesn’t matter if there is little or big injury it’s a bite.

The United States Post Office is the only institution recording dog bites to its employees since the first “mailman” walked onto a dog owner’s property. In the United States is no national system for reports of dog bites.

There are  Animal Control Reports from cities like New York or Chicago showing that dog bites have decreased in the last 20 years.

Chart with numer of dog bites

Dog Bite Chart

If would like to read more about dog bites visit the NCRC Research for further information.

To prevent that your Pit bull will increase the statistics by biting a person you should read our article about pit bull training.

Did you ever got a dog bite? Tell us about, leave a comment!

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