Proving Pit Bulls are friendly

Pit Bulls are friendly states the Headline of an interesting article from the Dallas Post I found today.

Woman an her dog

Picture of O'Donnell with pitbull

The Article tells the story about Jen O’Donnell, a woman who founded  Sweet Bark Pit Bull Rescue, a nonprofit foster-based dog rescue.

The organization focused on finding new homes for bully breed dogs like American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers, American Bulldogs and others.

Her aim is that people  see the dogs in the light that she see them.

The  organization has rescued 16 dogs and found homes for 11 of the rescues in a very short time. Several of the dogs rescued have been saved from imminent death.Some of them just hours before they were set to be euthanized.

O’Donnell who has two litte children said Pit Bulls have a lot to offer a family.
Importent is that you tread and train your Pit Bull in the right way as layed out in the Pit Bull Guide were you can find all Information to have a happy life with your Pit Bull and family.

Further information about pitbull training you can find in our article Pit bull training

What is your opinion? Would you get a Pit bull from a dog rescue or an animal shelter? Write your comment!


    • Glenda Flowers on 01/24/2011 at 3:26 AM
    • Reply

    We have an awesome brendle & white pit bull named Yogie Bear. We got him when he was 8 weeks old. We have become very attached to him in the 3 years we’ve had him. He is very loving, disciplined & well behaved. We have taken a lot of time with him.
    He is wonderful with children of any age. We also have a small dog & the pit bull gets along really well with him. He is very protective over his little friend, Boots. Most of the time Boots gets his way when it comes to eating & playing with the dog toys.
    Several people tried to discourage us from getting a pit bull, but I decided to give it a try despite what others say. Now those people who weren’t in favor of us getting him, love him as good as we do.
    Proud to be an owner of a fine pit bull!
    Glenda Flowers

    1. Thanks Glenda for your story! Your experiance shows again that people have to get in touch with pit bulls an make their own opinion about not just repeating what other people say about pit bulls!
      THX Peter

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