How to Punish a Dog for Wrong Things

No matter how much you love your dog, you need to draw the line as to what is an acceptable behaviour and what is punishable. Punishment is necessary otherwise you won’t be able to assert your authority over your dog. Having the dog go by itself, without any form of discipline, is the same as relinquishing your authority to your dog, which is unquestionably not a good thing. A wrong deed unpunished will always have repercussions which could be detrimental to your overall relationship with your pet. To make the task of disciplining your dog easier, start early. Right from the time that your dog is still a puppy, start already imposing disciplinary actions once your dog misbehaves. However, you should also know when and how to punish your dog appropriately; otherwise, your effort will be wasted and you will have gained nothing as a result. Here are a few steps how to punish your dog for bad behavior:

  1. Immediately prevent the dog from accessing its desired things to reinforce the idea that it is behaving the way you would not want it to behave. If your dog wants to jump over your guests, automatically put a leash on it or block its way from getting itself to execute what it wants. Release only the dog when it behaves or when it listens to your orders.
  2. Distract the dog immediately when it doesn’t listen to your admonishment. Bang something, either the wall or the table to make a loud sound. This should tell the dog that you are mad and you want it to stop from further wrongdoing.
  3. Take hold both the dog’s ears firmly then shake it, long enough for it to realize that it made a mistake.
  4. Hold your dog down the floor strong enough to subdue it from its behavior. Do not let it go until it submits.
  5. Another way of disciplining your dog is isolating it in some place in the house. If the dog is misbehaving inside the house, put it outside and don’t let it come back until later. Right after letting it back inside, observe whether it has learned the lesson well, but if it continues to misbehave, put it back outside again. Your dog can’t stand the idea of being alone, so most probably this will work.
  6. Purposely ignore the dog. The dog will most likely understand the gesture. Your dog loves you so much, and its loyalty is unquestionable, so when you start ignoring it, your dog won’t like the idea and so will stop from whatever it is doing.

As much as possible do not slap or hurt your dog in the process of disciplining it because slapping won’t help you achieve what you needed to convey to the dog. Positive reinforcement works better with a canine. 

Punishing your dog is important part of his training, but it is equally important that you love and take care of him. Have fun time with him, dress up your dog and take him for a match. Dog jersey is the best way of dressing up and keeping him warm this winter.

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