Effective Training For Puppy Biting

Having a puppy in the house is like having a live toy. They are playful and a lot of fun to be with. Nevertheless, it is essential to start educating your puppy in the early stage, so that it will grow well disciplined. It is at this point that your puppy needs to realize what is acceptable and unacceptable.

One of the worries in bringing up a puppy is potty training and also biting. At a young age, puppies don’t know what is acceptable and not mainly because they are still very immature. This is also a settlement period for them, getting used to the new surroundings and their human owners. We can say that this is their formation stage.

So what should you do when your puppy keeps biting? In reality this is a typical stage that puppies go through when they are teething. One of the simplest ways to control this puppy biting stage is to give your puppy a chewable toy in place of your hand. When your pet starts biting you, let out a “NO!” then give him the toy instead. Pet toys made from rawhide are usually perfect for chewing and is non toxic.

Another trick on how to train a puppy to stop biting is to wear a glove on your hand with foul tasting substance. This way, when your pet tries to bite your hand, it will pull away upon tasting the bitter flavor. This may not always prove effective although you’ve got nothing to lose. Pets are smarter than you think they are, so they may be able to work out, that if you’re not wearing the glove, it won’t be foul tasting anymore.  You can likewise consider letting your puppy know that you get hurt each time they try to bite you. By doing this and pulling away each time, it sends a message across that when your puppy tries to bite he will be left on his own.

A big mistake that a pet owner can do in training a puppy, is hitting its face or mouth whenever he tries to sink his teeth in your flesh.  By doing this, your pet may think that you are playing around with him and will just carry on doing the same thing. Educating your puppy is the most ideal thing to do, for a better living environment for both human and animal. 

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